Human Rights Violation
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Creating a centralized application to retrieve information regarding where to make complaints of human rights violations

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International Justice Resource Center


IJRC’s mission is to empower individuals, through knowledge, to use the law and legal mechanisms for the greater protection of human rights around the world.  

IJRC was founded in January 2011 by human rights defenders committed to making human rights protections more accessible to people around the world. They publish unique, practical educational materials through our Online Resource Hub; provide legal and practical guidance and assistance to advocates and victims challenging human rights violations; and, they train lawyers and other advocates in international human rights law and advocacy.

Our Product

Problem Statement

Advocates and victims must conduct a ton of legal and factual research to understand how and where to file human rights violations. Information is disparate and constantly changing: what human rights treaties a country has ratified, when those treaties entered into force, what rights they cover, and whether the relevant treaty oversight bodies accept complaints.


Main Features

Forum Selector

On the landing page, the human rights advocate or victim can input information regarding the violation in question. Upon clicking 'Find Resources', the website will display all relevant human rights oversight bodies that would have the authority to review a complaint about that violation. 


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Admin Updates

Administration from the IJRC Team can update information on treaties, the rights they cover, and which countries are covered as needed. 


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Project Leads


Riddhima Narravula

Tech Lead

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Alexa Batino

Product Manager