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Developing a standardized application to assist expurgation and reintegration of ex-convicts into society.

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Neighborhood Legal Services of Los Angeles County


Neighborhood Legal Services is a steadfast advocate for individuals, families and communities throughout Los Angeles County. Through a combination of individual representation, high impact litigation and public policy advocacy, NLSLA combats the immediate and long-lasting effects of poverty and expands access to health, opportunity, and justice in Los Angeles’ diverse neighborhoods.


Founded in 1965 as part of the nation’s War on Poverty, NLSLA is now one of the largest and most prominent public interest law offices in California. Each year NLSLA provides free assistance to more than 100,000 individuals and families through innovative projects that expand access to justice and address the most critical needs of Los Angeles’ poverty communities.

Our Product

Problem Statement

Employment rates of ex-convicts trying to find a basic job in society have been notoriously low in Los Angeles for decades. NLSLA attempts to make this process easier by providing resources and legal counsel to these people to apply for expungement based on their current rap sheets. However, this process was done manually by a certain representative looking at each of the records on the person’s rap sheet and matching it against their own internal records. This was a highly inefficient process and created a lengthy time-lag. 


Main Features

Re-entry Application

We created an application that allows users to submit a scan (in PDF form) of any person’s rap sheet. The application then parses the fields of this rap sheet and matches every record of the individual to a predetermined list of crimes eligible for expungement. The application outputs this list and hence standardizes and automates the process of determining eligibility for expungement. The parsing was done using the Google Vision API and the application was developed on Flask.

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Project Leads

Dray Farley

Tech Lead

Alonzo Farley

Product Manager