Driver Scheduling Software

Devising a software to automate the process of creating bus driver schedules based on availability and preferences


Tompkins Consolidated Area Transit


TCAT is a 501(c)(3) devoted to contribute to the overall social, environmental, and economic health in our service area by delivering safe, reliable and affordable transportation and, at the same time, being a responsive, responsible employer. TCAT operates 22- ½ hours a day, seven days a week and 360 days a year, being the primary source of transportation for more than 4 million commuters in 2019. It contributes greatly to the community it serves by reducing traffic congestion, greenhouse gas emissions and the cost of building parking facilities


It aims to become a model community transportation system committed to quality service, employee-management collaboration, and innovation.

Our Product

Problem Statement

Schedulers for TCAT often take weeks to build a new schedule. They have to consider constraints such as times and places buses are needed, union requirements that require drivers to work 40 hours a week, and the number of buses they need operating to service their commuters. This process is lengthy, cumbersome and inefficient due of the number of parameters involved, often costing the organization both man-power and time. 


Main Features

User and Admin Functionality

Users, i.e. drivers, are able to input their features such as preferred routes, working times, buses, preferences, and union requirements. Admin, the schedulers, had separate features available to view driver information.​

Automated Scheduling

The software we developed included the front-end functionality for end-users to input their information as well as the logic to automate the scheduling. The output is a list of bus and bus drivers most suitable for the given routes and times entered based on information about preferences, seniority and union requirements.

Project Leads

Akshat Singh

Tech Lead

Dray Farley

Product Manager