Our Projects

We pride ourselves on our meaningful partnerships with local and national nonprofit organizations that are working to make a real difference in the world.  

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CANY Data Visualization Platform

Creating a tool to make data visualization for prison complaints in a quick and intuitive way. Read more.

Xenophobia Meter Project


Analyzing xenophobic tweets on Twitter through a variety of data science strategies.

Making It Easier to Create Readable Immigration Forms


Created a form creation tool with JavaScript for people to make custom readable immigration forms

Driver Scheduling Software


Devising a software to automate bus driver schedules based on constraints including driver preferences and assigned routes. Read more.

Volunteer Management System

Developing a web-based solution to manage volunteer sign-ups and centralize existing data in real-time. Read more.

Bus Arrival Predictions


Optimizing TCAT's bus arrival predictions algorithm through a classification model to increase accuracy and efficiency. Read more.

Human Rights Violation Reporting Software

Creating a centralized application to retrieve information regarding where to make complaints of human rights violations. Read more.



Building a multilingual information application for immigrants to easily access government-provided resources. Read more.

Re-entry Portal


Implementing a standardized application to assist expurgation and reintegration of ex-convicts into society. Read more.